Urgent Career Decision Support

If you have a job offer or are planning on making a time-sensitive major career move and aren't 100% sure of what decision you should make, I can help you clarify it quickly.  I have developed a solid set of tools to cut through the typical big decision noise and get to the reality of a choice.  In most cases, I can make myself available within 24 hours.  To arrange, call 650-762-8237 or fill out my contact form .  I'll respond in the same business day. In most cases, my clients understand what their next steps are in a two hour session.  These sessions are available via phone, Skype,  or in person at my office in Oakland, CA.  I can also travel to clients for a surcharge.  

I have a high success rate in helping my clients address urgent career decisions such as:

  • Am I making the right decision
  • Analyzing tradeoffs and making a choice
  • Negotiating and accepting offers
  • Getting gut level confidence in your next step
  • Understanding what you're really getting into.