Reigniting Your Passion for Work

Jobs can be a lot like marriages.  When everything’s new there’s an awesome honeymoon period. And then, slowly the magic can start to wane and little irritants become big ones.  The good news is that burnout doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence.  If you’re committed to your career but you want more clarity, satisfaction, fulfillment or influence, it is possible to get it. 


We’ll sort through what is and what is not working about your current career and how it is effecting you.  Through developing a deep understanding of who you are – your values, belief systems, upbringing, and more – we can identify ways to increase your feeling of success, inclusion, voice and overall enjoyment of your workdays. Through some targeted experiments and shifts, you can enjoy your career again.  My clients stop feeling like victims of their jobs to enjoying true ownership and empowerment in their careers again.


I have a high success rate in addressing concerns such as:

·      Maximizing the success of your current career

·      Getting the answer and an action plan to the “Where do I want to be in 5 years?” question

·      Achieving better work/life balance

·      Addressing challenges with personal change and work

·      Rekindling fulfillment, meaning or motivation

·      Addressing difficulties with corporate culture/boss/co-workers

·      Creating a plan to get to where you want to go



How Will We Do It?

·      Pinpoint “The Thing”:  We’ll cut through the noise and clearly pinpoint when the magic went away and why

·      Understand Opportunities and Irritants:  We’ll examine the belief systems in your corporate culture and in your personal life to see how they are aligned, and how they aren’t

·      Conduct Skills and Leadership Assessments:  We’ll use these tools as a basis for identifying experiments and shifts that really make a difference

·      Create and execute a clear path to passion:  Once we have a clear view of what drives your passion and what squashes it, we’ll have a plan to not only create passion, but maintain it for the long term.