Getting Started: Finding and Getting the Right Career for Young Adults


Are you jealous of people who know exactly what they want to do?  You’re not alone.  Whether you’re stuck on choosing a major or stuck trying to figure out how to blaze your career path after college, the world of possibilities can be overwhelming.  Add the pressure from helpful friends, family members and our own internal fears, and figuring it all out can seem almost impossible. 


People ask “what do you want to do?”.  They never ask the most important question which is “how do you want to be?”.   We will figure that out and more.   When we’re done, you’ll have a clear understanding of your career targets, how to apply and interview for them, and have gut level confidence in your next steps.  


How will we do it?

Clear Facts:  We’ll cut through the noise and gather some very clear facts about what inspires you

Assessments:  You’ll take some career, skills and leadership assessments.  We’ll go through the results to get to the big "aha!" moments

Homework:  You’ll have research projects in between the time we meet to get to really know the careers you’re considering

Job Hunting Skills:  We’ll make sure your resume is tailored, your confidence is solid and your interview skills are top notch so you can rock your job hunt 


How do I pay for it?

It costs a lot of money to not have a job or be in a job that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth.  At the same time, I know it can be hard to come up with that amount of money all at once.  My Getting Started Clients have paid for coaching through:

·      Getting donations/coaching as a graduation present from family

·      Borrowing from family ahead of getting the job

·      I also accept payment plans and can break up this package into smaller, more focused work (e.g. interview skills only)

·      I have a money back guarantee on the first session