Getting Promoted


In most organizations, getting promoted is about a lot more than simply doing a good job.  Through working with me, you’ll increase your probability of moving up.  We’ll take the time to assemble a clear picture of your current position and the promotion you want.  Based on the current reality, we’ll assemble a series of experiments, assessments and exercises to put you in the best position possible to move up. 

I have a high success rate in helping my clients address career progression needs such as:

  • Positioning for optimal success
  • Getting leadership skills that get professionals noticed
  • Understanding and addressing what's holding you back 
  • Planning and executing a career path


How Will We Do It?

  • Leadership Assessment and Development:  Understanding your current and desired leadership style and executing a development plan will allow you to accentuate your strengths and shift behaviors that aren’t working for you. 
  • Clear Facts:  Making sure there’s a clear understanding of the culture, people and dynamics at work as well as clarify why you want the promotion and why you should have it
  • Skills Building:  If necessary, we’ll create a plan to build hard or soft skills to help move your career forward.