Get Me Hired!  Job Search Coaching


Whether you’ve been laid off, fired or quit, it is perfectly normal to not feel at the top of your game when looking for that next job.  Concerns about references from your last employer, rumination over what just happened and the resulting blows to self-esteem are realities for almost anyone who has lost their job or had to quit without another position to go to.  I help unemployed professionals gain back the confidence they need to go after the career they deserve and get it. 

I have a high success rate in helping my clients addressing concerns such as:

  • Building back careers after a crisis
  • Gaining opportunities from unemployment
  • Addressing the interview questions unemployed candidates fear the most
  • Getting back self confidence after termination
  • Having and executing an action plan to getthe right position as quickly as possible


How will we do it?

  • Bolster Confidence:  One judgement or moment does not define a career. We’ll gather all the facts to remind you of who you truly are, restoring confidence to take more steps in your job search and better interview performance.
  • Resume Review and Updates:  We’ll review your resume for the positions you are seeking and make sure it’s the best ally in securing interviews for the right positions.
  • Killer Interview Skills:  Through mock interviews and review of real interviews, we’ll identify strengths you want to build on and work on the questions and situations that trip you up. 
  • Job Search Direction and Productivity:  Being clear on what type of jobs are desired, how to find them and how to go after them is critical to getting the right job as fast as possible.  We’ll make sure the direction and the strategy are crystal clear.