Career Transition Coaching

Switching Careers can be overwhelming.  Figuring out the next step, struggles with professional identity and value, financial concerns, breadwinner needs, life’s comforts, fear of failure and the infinite pathways to get there keep most people stuck where they are.  Whether the dream is starting a business or switching to another profession, I use my business and career coaching experience to support my clients in getting to the path they want, no matter how elusive it seems. 

I have a high success rate helping my clients address concerns such as:

  • Choosing the right next step
  • Having a career transition plan that works
  • Gaining clarity in what the next step will look like
  • Overcoming roadblocks in career transition
  • Getting the skills needed for the next step
  • Entrepreneur business planning and vetting


How will we do it?   

·      Identifying the Next Step:  If you know you want something else, but aren’t sure what, I have proven tools to get you there

·      A Clear Vision:  We’ll create a solid understanding of what life will look like after the switch to support decision making

·      The Path to Change:  We’ll map out a path to change based on a solid understanding of financial, personal and professional requirements

·      Executing the Switch:  Executing on the path takes a lot of management.  Personal fears, external roadblocks and the unexpected can cause huge setbacks if not managed.  I help my clients break through these barriers so they can evolve their new career or business at lightening speed.